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HI All,

Just passing this one along on behalf of a colleague from Charles Darwin
University (CDU). Contact details for further infos at the bottom of the

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PhD Scholarship in new Media in Arts Promotion

Virtual Galleries: New media technologies to influence livelihood and arts
participation in remote communities of the Northern Territory, Australia

Charles Darwin University (CDU) a member of the Innovative Research
Universities (IRU) is offering a full-time PhD position in the School of
Creative Arts and Humanities. The scholarship is part of an Australian
Research Council (ARC)-funded Linkages project in partnership with the
Museum and Art Gallery in Darwin, the Art Gallery NSW in Sydney and
Aboriginal art centres in remote communities of the Northern Territory and
Western Australia – Keringke Arts in Santa Teresa and Waringarri Arts in

This project addresses the issue of limited economic development in remote
communities by introducing a user-controlled webcam and interactive 3D
(three- dimensional) art galleries into remote art centres. The aim is to
help people in remote communities to secure an income and create wealth and
social wellbeing for themselves, their families and their communities.
Further information is available at http://scah.cdu.edu.au/vg

Applicants should have completed a Bachelors Degree (Hons, 1st Class or 2A)
or Masters Degree (with research component) or equivalent qualifications in
a field of New Media/Multimedia Art and/or Arts Administration.

The stipend for the award is $27,222 per annum (tax-free) and the tenure is
three years full-time subject to satisfactory progress and can be coupled
with IPRS, APA, UPRS and PIRT scholarships, for which separate applications
are required.

For further information contact:s

Dr. Eric Fassbender
T. 08 8946 6836
E. eric.fassbender at cdu.edu.au

Application forms are available from the Office of Research and Innovation,
Mrs Sian Gyte
T. 08 8946 6548
E. research.scholarships at cdu.edu.au

Closing date: 31 October or until a suitable candidate is selected.
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