[SLED] inventory issues

David Gillett gillettdavid at fhda.edu
Mon Oct 3 09:33:19 PDT 2011

  I believe I've had similar issues recently with Phoenix on Windows.  And
since my discovery that Imprudence works over my home wireless broadband and
where Phoenix does not, I'm becoming more and more disenchanted with
David Gillett
Stealth Snook


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Hi All

About 2 weeks ago started having lots of troubles with the latest Phoenix
viewer (1185) fully loading my inventory. Tried all the usual tricks to get
it to load.  Yesterday it took nearly an hour of login/log off, using
vowels, words, etc to get it to load and nothing worked. I nearly lost my
parcel because I left it to the zero hour to pay and my landmarks wouldn't
fully load so I couldn't find my tier box on the land below the skybox!
Finally had to tp to an adjacent platform and skydive off below. 

Its just annoying.


Is it Phoenix, is it my imac (2010)? Any suggestions?


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