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Sharon Collingwood collingwood.7 at osu.edu
Mon Mar 28 09:29:20 PDT 2011


I can't get the damn thing to load.  Uploaded an OAR, got my world, but when I log in the SL viewer comes up and tells me I don't have the correct login info.  I have tried my FB info - no luck.

Anybody else have this problem?

On Mar 28, 2011, at 11:15 AM, Villano, Paul Mr CIV USA TRADOC wrote:

> If I understand this payment model correctly, my concern is the "dark side" of the game change.  Facebook has serious security issues. And since it's "only" identity theft information people don't seem too concerned about it.  But Kitely apparently ties into real money resources (ie, bank account info, etc. to charge you per use) since it's not free like FB, so the game change increases in a negative way when you hitch the unwieldly lack of privacy Facebook horse to the Kitely connected to real world money wagon.
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>> Kitely is certainly a positive development for a more main stream 
>> adoptionof this type of technology,  Ive been in touch with IIan a 
>> bit regarding
>> features.  You also can provide feedback and ask questions of them 
>> here:http://getsatisfaction.com/kitely.  Obviously the open source 
>> nature of
>> their business plan is very attractive & they seem poised to 
>> leverage other
>> evolutions as they occur.  A major evolution will be the  plugin-less
>> advantages of HTML5 Canvas as the client "wind to the world".  
>> That combined
>> with open source Opensim server technology, the growing catalog of 
>> OpensimOAR's & IAR's, Kitley API's & ability to seam them into 
>> Facebook and others
>> could mean a very interesting  future indeed for this technology !
>> ... My $.02 !
>> - Cheers !
>> Rich
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>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 9:43 AM, Nola Johnston < wrote:
>>> I'm running out to teach, so I haven't had time to more than glance at
>>> this, but...
>>> If this works through a FB interface, will FB be able to mine data about
>>> the activities of users in the Kitely virtual worlds?
>>> Nola
>>> On 2011-03-28, at 7:01 AM, Moriz Gupte wrote:
>>> For me, the advantages are clear. Things are coming together. I think this
>>> year might be the start of convergence year (2D and 3D web and that will be
>>> exciting)
>>> 1. Convergence, FB login into a virtual learning environment is a big plus,
>>> I know first hand the difficulty of login and the ability to use FB as a
>>> quick and fast medium to keep groups that have access up to date info,
>>> sending messages out to advertise events etc.. will be trivial, the audience
>>> potentially huge. OpenID login is going to be implemented soon... so FB is
>>> not the only deal but it is a great good signal.
>>> 2. The total cost you pay is very fair and will be affordable to many more
>>> academics who do not develop highly populated games or entertainment sims
>>> etc... We tend to only have meetings during class hours. May be in the
>>> future the costs will creep up, but hey that's totally fair. Because if the
>>> cost is creeping up that is fantastic news because you know your projects
>>> are expanding and things will balance out.
>>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 5:32 AM, Miller, Peter <wrote:
>>>> There is a useful article by Maria Korolov who nicely summarises some of
>>>> the key points and possible future directions:
>>>> http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2011/03/kitely-brings-facebook-instant-regions-to-opensim/
>>>> Best wishes
>>>> Peter
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>>>> I've visited Kitely, thanks Moriz for the heads up, (at start I was
>>>> negatively impressed because it seemed to me something like spam, but then
>>>> realized that a new genuine idea is really under our eyes)
>>>> It seems incredibly promising, and I read the history behind where there
>>>> are names and the path they have done to arrive there
>>>> which sounds fair (I didn't google each name to understand if they are
>>>> serious enough for the community, but it can be).
>>>> The genial idea to have it automagically handled by the browser/facebook
>>>> is quite interesting and is maybe something that SecondLife should have done
>>>> itself.
>>>> *There are some glitches if you have other viewers default other than
>>>> Viewer2. In case you want to enter you should uninstall reinstall Viewer 2
>>>> so it can be understood as default SLURL linker.
>>>> If you want to try to enter with other viewers I tried to understand how
>>>> it runs but not sure if it can be mocked with "grids":
>>>> "C:\Program Files (x86)\SecondLifeViewer2\SecondLife.exe" --set
>>>> UseStartScreen false --loginuri http://osgrid.kitely.com:8002 --login
>>>> Salahzar Stenvaag < --url secondlife://Salahzar
>>>> the token is probably related to current facebook session so it is not
>>>> easily ported to other viewers. *
>>>> Actually paying 10 cent per month for having a sim I think is nothing,
>>>> while the 20 cent per hour per user counts for 8$ (20 people x 2 hours x 20
>>>> cent) which is still not bad especially if they can manage to have Vivox
>>>> voice. Compare this to the price of other virtual conference tools like
>>>> WebEx or eLLuminate and you see what I mean.
>>>> I understand this is a Beta and demo.* I would not be surprised if LL
>>>> will either buy this company or follow up the concept.*
>>>> To be really effective and appetitible for people like educators it should
>>>> give pre-made sims with already installed tools and some demo methodology to
>>>> use it at the best level, Vivox voice would be the best.
>>>> Let's see how is going to develop this,
>>>> sal
>>>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 08:22, Lindy McKeown <wrote:
>>>>> Thanks Moriz
>>>>> Yes but on the front page it says
>>>>> Virtual world stored in your account
>>>>> 1 Kitely Credit / day
>>>>> $0.10 / month
>>>>> User visiting one of your virtual worlds
>>>>> 1 Kitely Credit / minute
>>>>> $0.20 / hour
>>>>> So that's 20c per hour for visiting a world. How would you fund your
>>>>> students attending class? As a business, would your customers pay to come to
>>>>> your office? For playing games or social activity I can see it working but
>>>>> in education and business, I am still scratching my head about how this
>>>>> might work.
>>>>> Fun times exploring this together though.
>>>>> Lindy
>>>>> On 27 March 2011 22:50, Moriz Gupte < wrote:
>>>>>> http://www.kitely.com/#!faq#can-i-use-kitely-for-free
>>>>>> On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 11:29 PM, Lindy McKeown <>>>> lindyaustralia at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>>> Is their finacial model for Kitely that every user pays for all their
>>>>>>> in-world time and you pay for each place you create?
>>>>>>> Lindy
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