[SLED] Part #3 of the "African-American Experience in Art" series this Friday

Trudy Takacs trudy.takacs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 12:10:35 PDT 2011

We're very pleased to have the third in our series of Artists Talks:

Xhra Graf, 3-D Pop Artist-Philospher
Friday, March 25th
5 pm SLT

i-Learning Workshops℠ activity center:

Xhra's art is distinctively beautiful in the bold statements of her
self-exploration and study of spirituality, color and avatar identity.

Please join us and send your students!

Xhra's work is on display at i-Learning Workshops℠ through April. She has a
permanent installation and a new cultural collaboration project at Virtual

For more information about Xhrya, her work and her new Open Sim project, go
to her website:

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