[SLED] problem using to FRAPS to record video with wireless headphones

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Sat Mar 19 06:27:06 PDT 2011

That sounds like what is probably going on.  I am using "Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless" headphones and microphone set.  I am using Windows XP and I got my PC (not a laptop) just 2 or 3 years ago and actually forgot the brand name, I looked on the case and it says "True-tribute JX-1801" on it but I think that is just the case it comes in.  
  I am wondering if I would need to change the settings in FRAPS to get it recording the "mixed audio input stream" is that possible?
Thanks for your comment other Tim Allen,
 This is the other, other Tim Allen.  (could we actually be the same person communicating back and forth to each other in different time dimensions???)

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Without seeing the model of your computer and the wireless headset, this can be difficult. My best guess is that it is currently recording the microphone input rather than the Windows Mixed audio input stream. Especially on laptops, this can get confusing. What model computer, operating system, and wireless headset are you using?


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Fellow educators,

Recently I bought a pair of
Logitech wireless headphones with a microphone to make it easier to operate on
Second Life.  I had been videotaping good
examples of English Teaching on SL to use to promote SL at conferences in my
area.  I discovered that FRAPS doesn’t
seem to record avatar’s voices on SL even though it will record my own voice.  I have changed the audio settings repeatedly
but to no avail.  Does any one know how
to get FRAPS to record the audio from SL when using wireless headphones? 


Tim Allen

Chung Hua University

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