[SLED] Seeking panelists for in-world complement to upcoming environmental communication conference

Betsy Price Betsy.Price at utb.edu
Wed Mar 9 13:20:38 PST 2011

Contact Dr. Jeff Wilson at the University of Texas at Brownsville. He has been using SL for two years now in this environmental science course.  

jeff.wilson at utb.edu  Profe Camino in SL.


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Hi all,

This summer the biennial Conference on Communication and the
Environment (http://ia.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=66349) will take
place in El Paso, Texas, from June 25-28. I'm working with the
organizers to create a panel session on environmental
communication/education in Second Life and have been contacting
potential panelists who might be able to join us in-world during a
conference session. Here's the description I gave the organizers:

"Computer-based simulation and training environments have been with us
for a number of years, and are often used as important resources in
teaching and learning about science and the environment. With the rise
of multiuser virtual environments like Croquet, Wonderland, Second
Life, and the OpenSim project, the ability to create “realistic” and
“natural” depictions of natural environments and processes has become
widely available to people with average computer skills and
technology. Such environments include a wide variety of incidental
depictions of the natural world as virtual islands and cities are
shaped and “landscaped.” The social nature of these virtual worlds, in
which users project themselves in the form of puppetlike avatars,
means they can become powerful communication agents.

The proposed panel will feature members who have been using Second
Life as a medium for communication and education about the environment
for the past several years. Most of the panelists will appear in
Second Life, which will be running during the session and displayed on
a large screen. The session will thus be a kind of “mixed reality”
telepresence event allowing live voice interaction among all in
attendance. Each panelist will make a brief presentation of ten
minutes, followed by a virtual tour and Q&A session. The session will
also serve as a demonstration of the potential for virtual meetings
using similar tools."

If you are interested or can recommend someone, please let me know.
Just FYI, if I'm lucky and get deluged with responses, I'll have to be

Thanks in advance,
Joe Clark, doctoral candidate
School of Communication
Florida State University
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