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Hm. Lindy's post spurred me to make return visits to both the main
secondlife.com page, and the secondlife.com/community page.

In both cases, the visible emphasis is on romance & escape. The video that
auto-plays on the main page goes through a sort of spectrum of possibilities
- meet people - explore - decide who you want to be - discover - but
anyone's first impression will be the romance/escape emphasis, and they may
not stay long enough to notice the exploration & discover tidbits.

Really, the same thing with the communities page. I looked at the images and
"text bites:"  "Connect with friends, meet new people" is the most
prominent. The images show dancing under the stars, a belly dancer, a couple
in tux & evening gown, people at a seaside bar. Granted, the video shows a
tidbit about education, but it sure isn't the emphasis, and anybody who
doesn't notice they can click to play the video, won't see that nod. On my
new Mac that has a great graphics card, I couldn't even get it to play to
the point of the education bit, so if I were a skeptic looking at the site
in order to consider giving SL a chance, I would quit right there.

On the community page, under events in SL, it says "Whether you're looking
for something social, educational, competitive or just plain old weird,
check out the Events Calendar..." - but that one mention of education is, as
they say, "below the fold." And while there used to be a fairly prominent
link on the main page to SL Education, that's been gone for a long time.

So I echo Lindy's question with even more emphasis, because I don't see
anything on the SL website to position itself as anything other than

"How can we, as a community, rally behind the concept that it is good
marketing to sell 'a world of possibilities' rather than the narrower 'come
on get lucky' and lobby Linden Labs [sic] about this way of thinking?"


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> My first thoughts went like this...
> If you have only one message to put on the only front door to an entire
> world of possibilities AND you want to keep a business growing and
> flourishing to a diverse range of clients, how do you do that?
> If it was a website for tourism for a particular area then I try and appeal
> to a wide market?
>  (just one example) See
> http://www.australia.com/index.aspx
> I have to say the messages on the front page of http://secondlife.com
> seem
> pitched at a single (and maybe extremely profitable?) market. People who
> want to make social connections that may lead to "relationships" (of one
> kind or another).
> Sadly business decisions by non education-specific vendors of products and
> services impacts education use of those services. Comparing it to
> Blackboard
> is like comparing not just apples to oranges, more like candy bars to
> oranges. Blackboard is designed as a learning management tool. Second Life
> is designed as a social tool that has been adapted for use in education and
> after that happened, Linden Labs made some mileage off that.
> I am left wondering how the education community might influence the "front
> door" policy to be more inclusive *nudges the business educators in the
> ribs
> for ideas* so that it isn't a turn off for newcomers from other potential
> markets like education? What a shame this page isn't the front page!
> http://secondlife.com/community/?lang=en
> That video includes education.
> How can we, as a community, rally behind the concept that it is good
> marketing to sell "a world of possibilities" rather than the narrower "come
> on get lucky" and lobby   Linden Labs about this way of thinking?
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