[SLED] New Educational Project Opening: Virtual Architecture 101

Jon Brouchoud jbrouchoud at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 07:23:00 PST 2011


I wanted to invite you to visit a new educational project I recently opened
in Second Life called "*Virtual Architecture 101: Design Fundamentals,
Processes and Strategies for Virtual Worlds.*"

Virtual Architecture 101 is a free, interactive, self guided, educational
installation, designed to provide visitors with a sampling of architectural
fundamentals, design processes, strategies and best practices for creating
effective virtual world projects.  The installation also includes case
studies and offers specific tips, tricks and techniques covering a wide
range of virtual world development topics.  It is not intended to be an
all-inclusive resource, but to simply provide a sample overview of design
basics and strategies.   If you want brush up on some fundamentals, or if
you are planning to develop a project in a virtual world, this installation
is designed to serve as a starting point and a place to gather ideas and
inspiration for making your project a success.

I apologize in advance that it's a little (ok, a lot ;-) heavy on using text
on the walls to describe content, but I intend to translate more of the
stations into experiential 3D props as time permits.  I will also be
publishing a pdf with this content, which will make the text info more
legible as well.

The installation will also be opening in OpenSim on the Architecture Islands
grid in the months ahead.

If you would like to use any or all of the stations in this exhibit on your
own sims, just let me know!  I'm happy to share any of the content you may
find useful.

More info, screenshots, machinima, and a SLurl can be found here:
Jon Brouchoud
SL: Keystone Bouchard

3D Environment Artist
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