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Kate Miranda katemir at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 13:14:26 PDT 2010

The difficulty has always been that it is possible to do so much in groups
with land permissions.  They really weren't set up to "just" do
communications.  All that information about land perms associated with each
potential group has to travel with your avatar.  I have long suggested that
Linden Lab have two types of groups, land managment groups and social.

I use a mailsender device that works well and cost as much as one month's
subscription to Subscribe-o-matic (I have well over the 500 members that
they allow free and they didn't allow me to have a free non-profit account
as Music Island has no official non-profit status).
Kate Miranda
Music Island Concerts
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2010/10/11 Idrialis Sella Castillo ✔ <idrialis at gmail.com>

> Second Life group's limit has always been a topic to talk about. It is true
> that we have in world list, facebook list, twitter list, ning list or either
> this list, but it's equaly true that the group's limit remains an obstacle
> for the in world communication. There are too many  groups for us to join,
> but anytime that I get an important invitation, I have to clean up my list
> or decline it.   I can add any event to my Google's calendar or be alerted
> on facebook, but nothing works  better (for me) than a chat windows with a
> direct Slurl to an event just 5 minutes before. Just to bring up a very
> simple example of a group use.
> So, my question is: What are the plans of Lindens with this issue?
> When are they (finally) going to abolish the limit or greatly increase it?
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