[SLED] Developing a dream (was random thoughts)

Anne Ogborn annie66us at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 10 17:00:45 PDT 2010

I've set up a wiki on the Pathways server to start tracking what sort of VW we want.


Forgive any rough edges to the install, lots of things to do these days.
(I will try to get us an icon. Anybody out there with visual design skills?)


> Anne Ogborn <annie66us at yahoo.com>
> wrote:
> > Dick -
> >  This seems like something that should grow and
> develop in a place where people can work cooperatively on
> it. Defining requirements seems like a concensus building
> activity.
> By all means.  You could create a new Google group... I've not set up
> a wiki and would need
> some help with that.


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