[SLED] Cross-platform chat client?

Miller, Peter pmiller at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Oct 8 07:24:48 PDT 2010

Just remembered that I thought Google Wave might play a role here but I guess the Google taps are/will be turned off? Is there an open source community taking it forward?

Best wishes

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Subject: [SLED] Cross-platform chat client?

So this morning, I'm thinking how useful a cross-grid chat client
would be for us as we continue to migrate out into other grids.

Raptr ( http://raptr.com/ ) is a good games client, but how hard would
something like this be to code?
If the client used keys of characters in worlds, then anyone you had
on your friends list in any grid could show up in the client.

Anything else like this available?  Anything we could script using
something like Jabber?

-- Deanya

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