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 *A uniquely Houstonian world-class educational experience in a world-class
city. Register at http://www.theupexperience.com*
 Meet the Future at UP 2010October 5, 2010 — sitearm

[image: Meet the Future at UP 2010] <http://www.theupexperience.com/>

*Got Innovation?*

October 21st is almost here and there’s still time to register for the *2010
Annual Houston Unique Perspectives Conference.*

There’s just something different about hearing *world-class speakers,
live,*in a world-class city.

The ambience is gorgeous – cool, dry, blue sunlit sky, dream cloudscapes;
soft-spoken, multi-cultural, Houstonian hospitality.

More innovation, demographics, enterprise, and courtesy in one place than
you can shake a stick at!


*The Annual Houston Unique Perspectives Conference
A World Class Experience in a World Class City*

OCTOBER 21ST, 2010


As one of the preeminent leaders in the entertainment industry for nearly
four decades, Michael Eisner is best known for his legendary tenure as both
Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company, where he grew revenues from
$1.7 billion to more than $30 billion. A firm believer that every great
institution needs a partnership to really achieve greatness, Mr. Eisner
comes to The UP Experience to personally introduce his new book, Working
Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed, and to share his personal stories
about our world’s most successful collaborations.

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