[SLED] Adding to Kate's list of aggrieved parties

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Not to mention, use the mailing list sponsored by SL to organize this protest ;)


On 10/6/10, Kate Miranda <katemir at gmail.com> wrote:
> Okay... enough of whining!  What is our protest strategy?
> Here's my suggestions:
> 1.  Twitter/blog/post everywhere that there will be a vast reduction
> in interesting content on SL if non-profits and educational institutions
> leave SL.
> 2.  Boycott Marketplace in protest but support your SL businesses inworld.
> 3.  Ask people to pledge a discontinuance of Premium Accounts by Dec 31,
> 2010 if LL does not continue discounts for Education and Non-profits.
> 4.  Start Facebook/Linked-In groups to publicize actions.
> 5.  Spend spare minutes in SL at welcome centres handing out notecards to
> newbies telling them how their SL experience will be adversely affected by
> the reduction in non-profit and educational presence in SL
> 6. On a protest day (TBD) cancel all eductional, non-profit, and affiliated
> events.  Publicize the results in attendance.
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> On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 4:56 PM, Mary Ellen Gordon <m.gordon at markettruths.com
>> wrote:
>> I would also add to Kate's list:
>> 9. Small RL businesses who use SL as part of their RL businesses. We've
>> been
>> paying full price all along and do a lot through our work to promote
>> Second
>> Life, but our businesses suffer when poor decision making at LL results in
>> disaffected users and bad publicity about Second Life.
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>> 8. You're missing all the people concerned about privacy issues with
>> shared
>> media (being able to capture IP addresses).
>> Best wishes,
>> Dave
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>> Subject: Re: [SLED] Rockcliffe: Educator Discussion on Pricing Changes
>> So, summarizing:
>> 1.  Adult content consumers/merchants & roleplayers have left SL in droves
>> and sims are closing because of age-verification spooking people who
>> didn't
>> want to share identity information in association with their interest in
>> erotica.
>> 2.  Content creators are creating content in other sims because of the new
>> TOS and as a result scaling down SL landholdings
>> 3.  Educators are leaving SL because of new TOS, closure of the teen-grid,
>> and the failure of that same age-verification system that drove away a lot
>> of adult content consumers/merchants plus now a price hike also affecting
>> non-profits
>> 4.  Hobby business owners are beginning to set up businesses in other
>> grids
>> where their prim & sculpty skills will still be marketable because mesh in
>> SL will make them obsolete.
>> 5.  Some ordinary core users are exploring other grids because they feel
>> no
>> one at LL is listening to them with the continued pushing of the new
>> viewer
>> and the loss of Emerald (whatever your view of the precipitating issue).
>> 6.  Artists and others who supported the new viewer are growing impatient
>> because it is still so balky that running events dependent on the media in
>> the new viewer mean that many attenders can't access the content and
>> leave.
>> 7.  Early adopters, pioneers, volunteers are growing tired of flapping
>> their
>> wings for so long, creating most of the interesting "stuff" in SL, only to
>> have LL focus on big business and really not understand the value of
>> content.  Increasingly in conversations with others like myself we are
>> saying that we are already scaling back on our donated work in SL, some
>> have
>> left and others are thinking of leaving if there is not support and/or
>> funding for our work. It is less about money than it is about a loss of a
>> feeling of community that fueled volunteerism several years ago.
>> Can we add any other pissed-off, dis-enfrancised group to this list?
>>  Makes you wonder if Linden Lab doesn't put all the stakeholder groups in
>> a
>> hat and pull one out every day in the spirit of "who will we piss off
>> today".
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