[SLED] Changes in pricing for educators

Barbara Zanzig bzanzig at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 16:24:53 PDT 2010

Posted for Debe Wise, who for some reason can't post on her own:

For four years I have had a non-profit island in Second life that I used to
teach musicians how to use SL to stream, and more recently as a graduate
classroom to teach entrepreneurship. The proposed increase in rental prices
will all but necessitate an exodus from Second Life but I'm not sure where
to go. I have been in Reaction Grid (although it was in the early days) and
found that it was ok, but didn't run scripts the same way as SL. The needs
for my course are to be able to conduct market research, create a business
plan, build a prototype (mindful of scripting and permissions), be able to
sell the product (requires a currency) and get feedback from a global
audience. Is there an open sim version what will do all that? My island
renewal in SL comes up this month and I haven't decided what to do.

Debe Wise (SL and RL)
University of Colorado Denver
Bard Center for Entrepreneurship
dr.deb at me.com
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