[SLED] NASA employees here?

Smith, Stephanie L. (JSC-ZZ)[L-3 COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION] stephanie.l.smith at nasa.gov
Mon Oct 4 07:13:54 PDT 2010

Hi There,
Yes, I'm here from NASA - hi Everyone!  I'm not "monitoring" but rather consider myself a part of the Ed community.  I work for NASA Learning Technologies an ed tech incubator and work over on NASA eEd island in SciLands.  Is there a reason you ask or something I can do for you Jeremy? Just let me know.  Thanks.

Stephanie/Caledonia Heron

PS- thanks to all of you who cut and past responses rather than just hitting reply - I'm on digest and those replies get mighty long when the whole day's conversation gets repasted x times.

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We have a grant from NASA for the MoonWorld sim but I am not "monitoring"; I try to follow and participate occasionally.

Chuck Wood
Wheeling Jesuit University

On 10/1/10 4:58 PM, "Jeremy Kemp" <jeremykemp at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I remember seeing some NASA employees here and wonder if it is officially
> monitoring the list?
>  Thank you,
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