[SLED] Rally cry for SL Viewer 2.1.1 Bug

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Mon Oct 4 07:03:39 PDT 2010


How do you reconcile "It crashed mysteriously and doesn't work now" with "We
need the stability of the official viewer"?

Residents have embraced third party viewers in large part because they are
more stable and user-friendly.  There is a list on SL of supported viewers.
Imprudence and Phoenix both seem good to me.

That being said, as it was suggested earlier there are various files that
you need to delete manually after the uninstall and re-install to delete the
crash log.  I don't know where these are located on the Mac but the advice
was posted for Mac just a few days ago here.  On PC the files are in
User>Application Settings>Second Life or on Windows 7 User>Application
Settings>Roaming>Second Life

Kate Miranda
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katemir at gmail.com

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 2:26 PM, Abele, Miguel J <MA665912 at wcupa.edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
>        I am a student working on a West Chester University NSF grant
> funded, science and ethics island for graduate students.  Recently, myself
> and my associates have experienced nearly-identical SL Viewer 2.1.1 crashes
> on each of our separate computers.  First let me describe the problem.  If
> you have experienced the same, then please stay tuned because I'm hoping to
> for a rally-cry on JIRA to get this issue resolved (others have reported
> this issue and been ignored).
>        The problem goes like this:
>        SL Viewer 2.1.1 ("SLV2") is running fine--at first--on Mac OS 10.6.
>  One day we click on the SLV2 app, the Second Life title appears in the menu
> bar, and a window appears.  However, the window is white and blank, and
> remains this way until we get tired of it and force-quit.  A crash report is
> generated, yadda yadda.
>        We try to run SLV2 again, but the same happens.  We restart the
> system.  No help, there.  We remove the SLV2 app, restart, and reinstall.
>  Still, no help.  In a nutshell, SLV2 is crippled.  The problem isn't with
> the login--we can still access the SL worlds from a different computer.  We
> have even updated our software so that we have the newest kernel version and
> the latest graphics updates.  Yet, the problem won't go away.
>        Snowglobe will run, SL Viewer 1.23 will run, and the SL Viewer 2.2
> Betas will run as well.  However, as you can probably imagine, we need the
> stability and official support that SL Viewer 2.1.1 gives.
>        As I wrote above, we'd like to gather some support with this issue.
>  I have posted a bug report on the JIRA Bug Tracker,
> http://jira.secondlife.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa under the thread ID "
> VWR-23267 Viewer 2.1.1 stalls on startup ."  However, if everyone who has
> experienced a similar problem goes to the bug post and adds his or her own
> comments about his or her own experiences (and votes for the issue, too),
> then the chances will improve for getting the bug resolved.
>        Please don't be shy if you aren't running Mac OS and yet have
> experienced this problem.  At least one pre-existing bug thread on JIRA is
> for Windows XP and it was left with an "incomplete" status.
>        Thank you for your time!!!!
> Cordially,
> Miguel Abele
> (Captain Zoon)
> West Chester University of Pennsylvania
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