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Thank you to everyone who responded to my request below for great art/music and architecture locations to take students on tours in Second Life.  Below are the responses.  If you have  more ideas, we would love to hear them!


For architecture try Judyarx Scribe who teaches architecture at uni in Aukland
For historically accurate theatre builds go to Theatron Islands, a number of different venues from Greek amphitheatres onwards each one has a heavy prim count so are rez on demand, if you have specific times to visit you can book the island and venue of your choice for your session http://cms.cch.kcl.ac.uk/theatron/index.php?id=88

any questions feel free to email me or Im inworld Joff Fassnacht

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I suggest the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum.  Truth in advertising - I am the co-Executive Director so completely biased.  We have several models of Mr. Wright's buildings, including Fallingwater, and the Robie House, plus an exhibit on the Prairie School style currently (among others).  Please feel free to contact me in SL and I'd be delight to arrange or provide a tour for you or your group - very proud of the place and its educational component.

SLEDers out there:  You too!  All invited to visit or arrange a tour.

Rosalie Oldrich
Co-Executive Director
Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum

Ethos Erlanger

Executive Director

The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum

Ethos.Erlanger at comcast.net<mailto:Ethos.Erlanger at comcast.net>


For theatre marketing
Metaverse Shakespeare at the Globe try Ina Centaur
For Avatar Repertory Theater try Ada Radius and/or Mickie Nickolaides They will probably also be able to put you in touch with other theatre marketing people.

any questions feel free to email me or Im inworld Joff Fassnacht

Joff Chafer

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Listings for music events on my series can be found at http://musicisland.spruz.com<http://musicisland.spruz.com/> as well as the slurl for the venue

The Avalon Town Region of 20 sims is an arts focus region that is chock-a-block with art galleries.  It is also an attractive region with some nice builds.

I have a good many venue and gallery lms in my inventory if you need more.

Kate Miranda
Music Island Concerts
katemir at gmail.com<mailto:katemir at gmail.com>


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I am looking for great activities, locations to visit, and guided tours for the following two courses.  If you send me ideas off list (skibbak at uww.edu<mailto:skibbak at uww.edu>), I can compile a full list.

Architecture Course:

Seeking accurate architectural builds and reconstructions from any century

(already know about the Sistine Chapel, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Stonehenge)

World of Arts and Arts Marking courses focusing on art and theatre and marketing of these venues:

Seeking great art galleries and museums, music venues, plays, cultural arts centers

In addition to locations and potential tours, this professor would like to talk to the person who markets these events to see if he/she could give a tour and talk to her course about marketing and the planning process or have the tour taped for later viewing

(already know about Globe Theatre but would like to know who is the marketing person)

Thank you for all the great sharing on this list serve!

Karen Sharpesworth

UW-Whitewater, WI

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