[SLED] SL: Induction and training to educators (experience stories)

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Dear Diane,

I am planning to write an article (for a conference on
technology-enabled learning) based on my experiences (a) how I was
inducted in SL; and (b) then the strategies that I employed to bring
in other educators. But I wanted to first check with the community if
similar resources/papers already exist so that (i) I could
acknowledge/refer to other resources in my article and also (ii) learn
from others about which strategies they employed. The target audience
of my article will be educators and policy makers (administrators).

Many thanks & regards,


On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 7:50 PM, Dowdey, Diane <ENG_DXD at shsu.edu> wrote:
> Rina,
> What audience or purpose are you looking for these for?  It would be easier to provide suggestions if I had a better idea of audience and purpose.  Are you looking for resources to share with other champions?  Are you looking for strategies to implement yourself?  Are you looking for ways to convince adminstrators that having a champion is necessary?
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> Dear SLED colleagues:
> I am looking for papers or reports or experience stories where SL
> colleagues on this list or otherwise have reported their experiences,
> as SL champions, of bringing educators in SL and providing induction /
> training to them. I am particularly interested in the steps/stages
> that SL champions went through after which the educators being
> inducted felt sufficiently confident to bring students in-world and
> run activities.
> Thanks very much.
> Regards,
> Rina.
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