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I think the "training wheels" client is a great idea.  For better or worse
my opinion is that LL tried to do that
with the recent Viewer 2.0.   My suggestion is that you judge for yourself
whether they were successful.

Personally, I like the approach you've suggested.  Basic client + modules.
(Ahhh, if there were but a small
army of me, so we could all work in parallel :).

- JB

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 4:12 AM, Khannea Suntzu <khannea.suntzu at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 12:06 AM, JB Hancroft <jbhancroft at gmail.com>wrote:
>> That's an interesting question.  If you look offhand at some of the gating
>> factors for Virtual World
>> adoption, proliferation, *and* continued ongoing usage, I wonder how
>> people would put "lack of bandwidth"
>> as one of their primary concerns.
>> Personally, I'd rank other things higher than bandwidth:
>>    - new user first experience (LL is evidently feeling the pain of that
>> one, big time)
> We need a new superlight client SL-For-Dummies. Make it a separate client
> that is downloadable as easy as
> clicking, and give it an option - 'trial avatar' (the avatar is labled
> inworld TRIAL or something). Allows walking,
> buying, very basic actions. Also, clients should have a 'default' AO, set
> for male/female, with a wide and smart
> grid of animations, including {trip}, {stagger}, {small jump}, some ten,
> twenty {neutral standing} and {impatient
> standing}, {animated sleeping} {reading, standing} and {reading sitting},
> {animated sitting listening} or even
> {sitting, raising a hand for question}. These would be several dozen to
> over a hundred animations. The net benefit
> would be accessibility and immersion, which is currently on my top five
> list for new defection.
> Also, I wouldn't mind seeing animations become avatar based - an avatar
> wants to engage in an animated
> type of behavior and simply *invites* his partner 'to dance' - without any
> of these these pose balls - the animation
> should be in part produral to allow for size differences - I know this can
> be done and it is routinely done in
> many games.
>>    - ease of content creation, and import
> Another top five defection cause is the overwhelming client. Right now a
> small minority of users feels compelled to
> persevere. I'd strongly favor a client that is lean as white bread, no
> frills, - just animation, how to pay, etc, bare bones.
> THEN allow 'linden lan certified' plugins and allow users to click-and-add
> small modular additions. If a user thinks
> off something, he programs a small manageable addition and posts it for
> scrutinizing (to make sure people don't
> install crap) and then gets paid a token amount of money for making a
> useful and wanted addition, mod, upgrade,
> tweak or skin.
>>    - ability to control and measure avatar interaction in a manner that
>> supports instructional methods
> Within the current framework there are so many low hanging apples - small
> easy to score opportunities to make avatars
> interact productively. How about a simple handshake, or a bow. Highly
> standard and symbolic gestures. These should
> be included in any business-issue client. And these should be unlocked
> incrementally. Maybe it would be prudent to
> include a downloadable (plugin) adventure which introduces by short videos
> diverse functionalities of the client. AION
> does this by far the most practically and admirably. I wouldn't mind a
> quest chain to teach - but I wouldn't say I visited
> newb island a few years, I don't know what changed.
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