[SLED] A vacation question

Antonella Berriolo ABERRIOLO at terra.es
Thu Mar 11 20:37:31 PST 2010

Hi Sharon,
What about meeting other italian learners and think together of a play and... act it out? (and then see the resulting machinema)? It can be a nice and interesting way of brushing up your Italian. 
We meet every Tuesday at 1:30 pm SLT and... had just finished our first machinema and will start thinking about the next one.  You can see what we do here http://italianiamo.wordpress.com
The only requisites are to be able to understand and make you understand. The approach is totaly informal: no "classes", no grammar and no... homeworks!! :o) It's just conversation with the help of a RL italian teacher (me, anna begonia. In RL I work at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Barcellona).
I hope to see you in world next tuesday! :o)

Anna Begonia (rl Antonella Berriolo)
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  Guess which lucky member of this list gets to go to Italy this summer?

  I need to brush up my really rusty skills in Italian, in a general, conversational kind of way. I'm fluent in French. Any recommendations?


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