[SLED] looking for full perm holodeck or learning environment

Professor Merryman mike at professormerryman.com
Sat Mar 6 18:17:39 PST 2010

Hi Jim. You can see the diner and pizzeria  holodecks on Cypris Village
island in the sandbox. We use them for role-playing. Cypris Chat is an
English speaking practice community run by a few English professors and many
wonderful volunteers.

You can buy the Horizon holodeck here:

And the scenes here:

Diner: Couldn't find it on xstreet but you can stop by the shop

Also, the Cypris Chat group has hundreds of English learners waiting for
volunteer tutors to help them practice speaking. Your students might
benefit. You are free to use the holodecks. 

The Second Life English group run by Kip Yellowjacket also has holodecks and
offers free to use teaching spaces. IM us for more information.

Professor Merryman
Aka Mike McKay

Cypris Chat http://cypris.ning.com
Second Life English http://slenglish.ning.com/


Subject: [SLED] looking for full perm holodeck or learning environment
	(diner, restaurant or similar)

for an education example in SL I need a place to show how to do role play in
learning. Preferably a diner, restaurant or something like this, but any
other place like gas station or similar would be fine. I'm looking for
something full-perm so that I can give it out to the students, who are
actually teachers wanting to learn how to teach in SL.

Our budget is limited but we could spend some Linden Dollars if necessary.

Any ideas and/or offers appreciated


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