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Lisa Smith lgsfitness at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 19:12:46 PST 2010


Joining Second Life as a nursing educator. I am a full-time faculty  
member teaching in Assoc. Degree and Baccalaureate  nursing programs.  
I have begun a PhD program in nursing, and I am very interested in  
pursuing virtual teaching/learning for my Dissertation.

I am currently enrolled in a Qualitative Methods course, and working  
on my first assignment. I am interested in finding a faculty member  
who will allow me to sit in on their Second Life class as an  
"observer" for 30 minutes. In addition this would be followed by an  
interview with the faculty member. This information is not for  
research purposes, and would not result in being reported in a study.  
This is an exercise for this course to meet the class assignment. Full  
class assignment information can be made available as needed.

Looking forward to my Second Life. Please email me if you are  
interested in assisting me with my course assignment.

Marlene Galaxy
lgsfitness at gmail.com

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