[SLED] Grand opening of The Abyss Observatory

Hajime Nishimura hajimen at jamstec.go.jp
Tue Jan 26 19:06:59 PST 2010

Dear all of SLED,

Although our delay of opening, thank you for many persons visit "The Abyss 

At last we almost complete our exhibits under our current restriction, so we 
set its grand opening on Jan 28 Tue 6:00SLT/PST.

We have no spacial ceremony then. We do our best to arrange signs and 
notecards for any visitors can walk around without guides.

There are many persons who remember "The Abyss Museum of Ociean Science". 
Missing of Abyss Museum is start point for our Japanese members. Then we 
were new comers so didn't think to send IM to Rezago Kokorin, a creator of 
Abyss museum. We cultivate our dream to found new ocean science museum 
independently, started to build initial museum in private SIM, and applied 
for SciLands. Then we found our friend is a student of Rezago's script 
school. So we and Rezago met and jointed.

You can see his exhibits again but in new developing version.

I'm sorry many insufficiant instructions in English remain yet. I'll do my 
best tonight. I still in trouble to add "a" or "the" or nothing, and to use 
"at" or "on" or "in".

We put Teleporter SL World Map to the related SIMs at center point of 
"Second Earth 3". We want to add potal function, some panel or object by 
which visitors know SIMs and TP there, so I'm sending IMs to some SIMs step 
by step.

We already agree with "Centre for Water Studies" to cooperate in marine 
ecosystem exhibits in next development stage.


Yan Lauria
Co-Curator of The Abyss Observatory
Hajime Nishimura in RL
Director of JAMSTEC: Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

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