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> Hi, I thought I'd chip in with what I know about differences between
> avatars in the Teen Grid
> Just as there's a difference between the Approved Adult Avatars (AAA) on
> the Teen Grid, there's a difference between the teen avatars that an
> educational project registers (RA) and those that are already on the Teen
> Grid (NA)
> This determines what you can and can't transfer (objects, textures, money)
> and what you can/can't do (offer teleport, make friends, etc)
> Let's look at what I've worked out so far:
> 1) Relationship between my AAA and a RA. I can friend this avatar (and
> he/she can do the same), but can't offer a TP. They can, however offer me a
> TP. I can also give this avatar L$.  We can also give and receive objects,
> textures, landmarks, etc. You cannot start or belong to groups with NA
> teens, but this is possible with RA teens.
> 2) Relationship between my AAA and a NA - as above but I cannot transfer
> objects, landmarks, notecards or money (the last time I tried) and I have no
> group compatibility.
> So, if you are responsible for the registration of the teens, then you need
> not worry. If you aren't, then this may well be an issue.
> There is, however a way round this, if you are not going to be registering
> the teens to your island. You can apply for an Estate 5 avatar. This is an
> avatar that is not restricted to your island. They can leave (although there
> are rules about this - you can only visit another educational project, and
> only if invited. You ought not to visit the other areas of TSL, although
> your avatar is capable of doing so). This avatar can be in a group with NA
> teens and can pay and receive L$. They are also unrestricted as far as
> permissions between AAA, so you can use this avatar as a go-between if only
> one of your project has one.
> It took me over a year to persuade LL to give me an Estate 5 avatar,
> however, and I am very careful how and what I use it for. Another useful
> thing about this avatar is that I can now finally see on the map the whole
> of the Teen Grid (when you're limited to one project the map is not
> available to you) and can also see how many people use it, which areas they
> go to, etc. I recently uploaded a map if anyone's interested:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/grahamstanley/4262209361/
> Hope this helps,
> Graham Stanley
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