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Oh yes I am also seeing lots of disembodied avis with only shoes and
hair on, forgot to mention that or they are vaporous "ghosts." This
isn't everyone, mind you. These problems occur with only about 25% of
the avatars but it has been noted in the past week or so. 


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I had a friend show up missing her head texture on Monday.  I do think
we have some serious issues with textures in SL just reciently.
Putting on clothing or attached prims has been a pain since last week


By the way,  avatars look really freaky with the head texture missing.
Just prim hair and floating eyeballs.


She and I both saw it,  she lives 2000miles away from me.



On 12 Jan 2010 at 9:19, Barbara Knight wrote:



Over the past week I began to notice severe lag on my fairly new laptop.
What used to take mere seconds to load, now was taking five minutes or
more and sometimes never. Up to last week the laptop was handling SL
very well with no issues. Then, over this weekend something even more
strange happened-some (not all) avatars were now appearing like black
and white checkerboards! 


Along these lines - recently I purchased a beautiful 
Apple LED Cinema Display (24" flat panel) with the plan to have a better
view and experience as I worked on builds and etc.  So I am using my
laptop and the Cinema....therefore two monitor views.  My AV started
turning black or looking black and white checked.  Even objects would
look like this at times.  I worked to resolved this for weeks.  Finally
I ran upon a discussion that spoke of this and was told to always open
SL on the laptop monitor first and then move it to the Cinema Screen.
It worked ....most of the time.  Occasionally in the middle of doing
something I turn completely black again and rebaking will not resolve.
So I would move it back to the laptop and rebake.  I have also
discovered it makes a difference on the display settings for either of
the monitors.  Less pixels...smaller numbers seem to help.  Just
throwing in my 2 Cents.  

Thanks Knightbar Jewell - 






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