[SLED] Avatar abuse

LadyJane IceAngelWolf at comcast.net
Fri Feb 26 13:38:18 PST 2010

In the USA there are also credit cards you can purchase at any drugstore and
just fill it up with funds. Saw an obvious teenager purchase one the other
day when I went in for a greeting card... 

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Larry Havenstein [lhavenst at ksu.edu] wrote:
> If it took money or registration of an avatar with a credit card much of
> activity would probably die as the griefers/predators wouldn't have easy

Why did LL give up that requirement? It seems that not requiring a credit
card just makes things easy for those who shouldn't have accounts on Main
Grid (teens) as well as repeat griefers. It's easy to make a new account;
much less easy to get a new credit card.

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