[SLED] Another slam at SL...

Martin, Jocelyn martinj at apsu.edu
Fri Feb 26 07:46:17 PST 2010

>>>I don't want to be overprotective of them, but I want to prepare them for any eventuality in their Second Life experience.  I teach them how to use the mute button, and I do give them a little safety talk before they leave on their first field trip.

When I take my students into Second Life, the first stop is my teaching skybox.  It's set up as an open clearing in the woods, with a waterfall and koi pond, a pavilion for them to change clothes in, and a seating area with sofas. I tell them that wherever they go, if they're not comfortable, to tp back to the skybox. They can open boxes there, too.  I remember how 'lost' I felt in SL in my early days without a home base.

Jocelyn S. Martin

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