[SLED] Building in Second Life - similar to the Silva technique?

Scott Johnston johnston.scott at bigpond.com
Wed Aug 11 14:54:49 PDT 2010

I think there are a lot of parallels. Particularly when you consider the
effect of immersing yourself in the ³presence² of your avatar in the virtual
space. There is the moment when you go from looking at the computer screen
to those you spend as if within the virtual environment in the form of your
avatar. Similar to the transition you make in your mind when watching a good
film but different in the sense of ownership of the identity of your avatar.
I¹d be interested to hear from any folk doing research on the presence or
dominance of various brain states when a person has a sense of being their
avatar. The concept that by being our avatar we can manage change to our
real selves is a fascinating one too, the capacity for the virtual
experience to have its reflection in our day to day lives is a powerful one.
And if education is about achieving change then accepting the potential for
virtual experiences to initiate this is pretty important.

On 11/08/10 8:03 PM, "Fire" <fire at b3dMultitech.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Tonight, after a day of programming in SL, I did a few random searches, and
> came across an interesting
> website. http://www.mind-expanding-techniques.com/SilvaMethod.html
> It talks about a visual mediation technique one can use to organize your
> thoughts - 
> While reading, I couldn't help but relate the idea to what it is like in SL
> when we move prims around, and program... only instead of programming scripts,
> and moving prims from here to there, the technique the website talks about is
> entering your head - and move around your thoughts and ideas.
> Am I seeing a true parallel here? Or am have I truly been in SL for
> faaaarrrrrr toooo long????
> Fire Centaur
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