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Hello Karen,

Two school years ago I captured some video of my students in action doing SL
activities for an Intro to Design and Programming course.

The students created 2-D designs for T-shirts and tattoos, then uploaded
them to SL and we had a "fashion show" on the catwalk followed by a dance
party, to share work and celebrate:

The next unit asked them to create custom vehicles in SL, and at the end of
the unit we had a Destruction Derby to share work and have fun:

For the final SL unit the students created a business plan, then 2-D signs
for their companies, and then they created 3-D stores in SL and posted the
signs in front.

I captured some video of the students in action working on their stores (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ7OW4QXTBw ), and in the final composite
video "Virtual Design" I captured video as a fly-by tour in the little town
of all their stores with them standing in front.

At the end of the term I showed this video at a whole high-school assembly
to recognize what the students had accomplished in this very new medium:

I hope you find these video clips useful.


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Thank you everyone for the great videos!  I appreciate it!

If you have any others that are not conference type presentations but
instead are very short videos that demonstrate educational uses of Second
Life in action, please send me the links.  And thanks to those who have
already shared videos.!

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