[SLED] Where in Second Life is easiest place to try doing a class for first time?

lori wahl lwahl at uidaho.edu
Fri Apr 23 08:45:21 PDT 2010

We have many classrooms and meeting rooms in Idahonia- our virtual campus:
SLurl: Location-Based Linking in Second Life
All are equipped with screens that show both slides and video.  We can help you load either type of presentation and answer any questions that you may have.

I would suggest using the voice client that is already part of Second Life.  It works well when I am teaching and is one less application to manage.

Let us know if you want a tour.  You can contact me offlist.

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On Apr 22, 2010, at 7:15 PM, Eloise Pasteur wrote:

> I don't have a room, but if you have some specific reason for wanting to use Skype over SL's voice client, Skype will work everywhere because it's a totally different system. I do believe, however, that people on machines close to the lower limit for using SL often struggle with Skype as well - they can both be hogs of your bandwidth and processing power. Hearsay is a terrible source of evidence though and it is hearsay, or rather seetype I guess for text chat hearsay.
> And whilst I hope this doesn't open a whole can of worms again, unless there is a specific reason why you need voice, can I suggest you try a lesson in text early on too. It's a different dynamic but it can be useful - students worry less about taking notes because they can take a history and you can often get good interactions with the class, more thoughtful responses and the like. My personal opinion is coloured by the fact I'm hard of hearing, but even in the fully able you will find a range of opinions, often very strongly held, on the issue and it's almost certainly worth exploring them all.
> El.
> On 23 Apr 2010, at 03:02, Kim Flintoff wrote:
>> I have an island (Godot) with a big space you can use.  For first time I'd suggest not using fully enclosed rooms - open spaces are much easier to manoeuvre in.  
>> Second Life already has its own integrated voice chat and there are plenty of tools freely available to leverage other aspects of the environment.  Check out the ICT Library for a start!
>> Cheers
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>> On 23/04/10 6:39 AM, "chris at seberino.org" <chris at seberino.org> wrote:
>> > I teach math and physics online.  I currently use video conferencing tools 
>> > over
>> > the web.  I'd like to try Second Life.
>> > 
>> > Is there some place I can visit in Second Life where it is easy to try 
>> > teaching
>> > a class complete w/ whiteboard, chat and real time voice like Skype?
>> > 
>> > (If I like it I'll consider buying my own "island" later. :)
>> > 
>> > Thanks,
>> > 
>> > Chris
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