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So is it your and others recommendation not to attend this event?  Do you recommend other conferences instead to share pedagogical and advanced skills workshops for Second Life?  I am interested in uses for education.

Thank you for your comments.


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Oh seeing that empty website page brings back a bad case of heartburn I got last year around SLCC.

I really hope that this year there will be better communications and more inworld content in every category to truly involve the SL community and not just those with enough money to hop on a plane.  It seems absurd to have a "community"convention for the SL community where the bulk of the activities happen in RL in one city in one country.  I think I have to go back three years or was it four to remember an SLCC that was rich and illuminating in inworld content.

Last year I had to chase the information on the music stream planning.  The planning was not on the website, nor on any SL blog or wiki site but had been taken into a Google group which only invited people knew about.  Worse, information on the site suggested that planning would be done on the MusicDev maillist which I belonged to so I was waiting and watching expecting information to come via that list.  This was erroneous info.

 By the time I tracked the correct information/contact down and was able to attend a meeting the schedule was full (of pops artists, singer/songwriter types)  and one of the music stream's organizers remarked that she "didn't know that there was any classical music in SL"  Sighs. ( It is days like that that make me wonder why I have spent half of my life for the past couple of years on this endeavor! )  With all respect, the musicians who performed at SLCC last year were not all representative of the best in SL nor (more importantly) were they representative of the diversity of musical expression in SL  but rather they were simply those who the organizers knew and who were also near the conference site or had the bucks to get there.

I heard a lot of disgruntled comments from musicians who felt that an "in-crowd" had frozen out others from the opportunity to perform by embargoing information first and then by deciding to make the format a live showcase streamed into SL.  Others felt it just made no sense when we were trying to communicate the magic of SL performance to be streaming RL instead.   It was divisive rather than building bridges as ideally SLCC should.   I honestly do not believe that this was deliberate but simply a case of someone being asked to do a job without any guidelines. My persistence did lead to one of my concerts being streamed into the conference but really, there should have been more, and it should not have been that hard.

There should be clear guidelines from the get-go as to where conference planning information will be available/hosted.  (No one should be able to hijack the planning group).   How to sign up for the groups or maillists should be posted.

There should also be clear guidelines on inworld and real world content.
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I don't have an answer, just starting a new thread since Karen inadvertently stole the original one.

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> Does anyone have more details on the Second Life Community
> convention?  All I have is this link:
> http://www.slconvention.org/1717/
> All I know is that it is in Boston and maybe around August.
> I need to provide cost and date information as soon as possible to
> include in a grant.
> Thank you!
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