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You continue to insist that quality is ONLY Apple based. This is NOT true. I
have an extremely quality driven PC! I have a huge budget and can buy
whatever system I prefer.  You are trying to shove a Mac down people's
throats trying to say they're stupid if they choose a Windows system.
Really? How can you insist that a PC is not as viable as a MAC? I prefer
Windows for all the software I require for my design work as some of my
clients also has some specific needs. Not all windows based software can be
used on a MAC even with windows bootcamp installed. It simply won't work on


You seem very aggressive in trying to make yourself superior to other very
qualified professionals in trying to force the SUPERIORITY of using a MAC,
When in truth. NO system is better than any other system except for the
person who is using that system.  A reliable professional will always
explore the positives of both systems and not just lean toward one they may
consider superior.


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NO, I am committed to clearifying things.

But to understand the situation with Personal Computers you would need to
understand the conflict between Apple, Linux, and Windows.

And to understand the conflict between THEM you would need to understand the
conflict between Bill, The Two Steves, and the specific people who shaped
Linux (more than just Linus).  That is tl,dnW.

While I switched from Windows-based to Apple when I retired from IT because
I choose quality for myself, I advised and helped my friend who
built-from-scratch a store to use a cheap Windows system because that was
what she could afford and limiting initial expense was right for her


Unfortunately most people on this list do not get to choose, they are
usually stuck with the cheapest system their school admin thinks they can
get away with.

My advice is for people choosing a system for themselves, and I try to
describe the consequences of their choice between Quality (Apple) and price


P.S. Linux is an openly intentional imitation of UNIX.  Mac OS X is based on
the BSD imitation of UNIX.  Windows starting with NT is a combination of
both openly and secretly intentional imitation of UNIX and an unintentional
imitation due to unknowing inclusion of imitations.  Yikes!

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OK, this message is obviously either a troll or someone who is simply 100%
committed to Mac hardware.   The latter is cool, the former is not cool.


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operating system



Professional Artists

Movie & TV treatment


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