[SLED] Desktop recommendations please

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Six USB ports?  How about:
    1.    USB keyboard
    2.    USB mouse
    3.    USB printer, black and white laser
    4.    USB-connected backup drive (what, you aren't backing up your 
    5.    USB memory stick for data transport
    6.    USB printer, color inkjet

And that's just to start!

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> This really helps me.
> I've looked at the Mac Pro, and they just seem excessive for what I
> want to do.  What in the world would I do with six USB ports?  It's
> just too much machine, I think. (to say nothing of the price).
> So once again, thanks El.
> S
>>If you really want to get under the hood, you're looking at a Mac
>>Pro. iMacs aren't really very user friendly to get into that way.
>>That said, I'm on my second iMac and they tend to get replaced
>>because the chipset is no longer reported whilst still working 100%
>>reliably (although increasingly slowly for SL) rather than because
>>of parts in my experience.
>>As always, get the fastest machine with the biggest video card and
>>the most RAM you can. Although I'm on an iMac, 3.06GHz, 512MB video
>>card and 4GB RAM works really happily with SL. Although it's been a
>>while since we tested it in detail, we did find across a range of
>>Macs and graphic card types that if you have 6X normal RAM to vRAM
>>or more you get better performance so if you can afford the Mac
>>Pros, make sure you get >3GB of memory.
>>It might be worth finding the Mac user's group in SL and asking them
>>about their current configurations, but I've not heard of anyone
>>having genuine problems running SL on a Mac except old G4 laptops
>>and Mac Minis, which are both seriously under minimum spec but will
>>run SL if you coddle them.
>>On 8 Apr 2010, at 17:09, Sharon Collingwood wrote:
>>>I am leaning to buying a Mac desktop -- I want to be able to "get
>>>under the hood" and replace things if they become outdated.
>>>I wanted to ask the Mac people -- if you were planning to get a
>>>desktop, what would be the optimum configuration (video cards,
>>>memory, fans, etc)? I know this question has been asked before, but
>>>these things change.
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