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I can't comment on PCs but the Apple Store US lists a 21.5" iMac straight off the shelf with a 3.06GHz processor at $1499. It should chew up SL quite cheerfully. You can see more at http://store.apple.com/us/configure/MC413LL/A?mco=MTM3NDc2NDE

In the UK there is a small discount for educators. It might be worth finding out what the deal is in the US Apple Store. A 12% discount or so will sneak you up to a 27" iMac if you want the screen space. More discount than that will also give you options like a faster processor and/or a bigger graphics card. Both might make the experience even nicer. http://store.apple.com/us/configure/MB952LL/A?mco=MTM3NDc2NDg

I'm currently running Emerald but have run the SL 2.0 client with minimal problems on my iMac. In fact I routinely run an SL client or two, and often add a browser or two, an email client, an RSS aggregator, an FTP client, an IM client or 10, Photoshop and more all at once with no trouble, and that's on a Mac that is older than any of those you would buy new.

I'm sure you know that opinions about Macs vary. I have to say I've always owned Macs and wouldn't consider a Windows machine. They don't go as cheap as Dell etc. but for similarly specced machines bought off the shelf they're not expensive - the cheapest Dells etc. won't touch SL - and whilst you can build your own from components to get a better machine cheaper if you really want to, I'm motivated to ask why? With Parallels or BootCamp there's nothing a windows machine can do that a Mac can't but even without that it's becoming harder and harder to find things that you can only do a windows machine. Hard core gaming is probably the main example, PC releases are earlier than Mac releases but as Mac market-share continues to grow even that last bastion is crumbling.


On 6 Apr 2010, at 17:06, Marrapodi, Elisabeth wrote:

> Hi Group
> It's that time of the year (tax return) and  after 3 1/2 years, I'm finally going to switch over from my llaptop to a desktop (with a huge monitor). My laptop runs Vista. I'm only seeing Windows 7 being sold in stores but I don't see W7 system requirements listed on the SL site. Does SL work ok with W7?
> Recommendations please for graphics card for a desktop? I currently use an ATI Radeon 3850 in my Dell. It works well enough but I'd like to really pop the graphics in the desktop. Also monitor recommendations.
> Also considering a Mac but have had zero experience with one. Comments, suggestions? 
> PS would like to keep budget under $1,500 if possible
> thanks. 
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