[SLED] Pathways LMS Grand Opening

Anne Ogborn annie66us at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 21 17:56:28 PDT 2009

Pathways Learning Management System--Grand Opening

Pathways LMS is a major new tool for creating lessons in Second Life.  
You can use the Pathways components to set up a walking path for your students to follow.  

Along the way, Pathways will dispense instructions, provide resources and activities, and record students’ responses.  When they’ve completed the 
path, you will get an evaluation email.

Pathways lets you flexibly link your resources into a coherent lesson.
The eight Pathways components make it easy to provide resources and instructions to your students.

Come try out some demonstration paths at our new store in Belphegor,
The Pathways Co-op crew will be serving burgers off the grill and answering questions to celebrate our Grand Opening until 23:00 SLT! 

Annie Obscure (SL)
Anne Ogborn (RL)


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