[SLED] How to set up a group outside the SL group restriction?

Daniel Smith javajoint at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 12:31:46 PDT 2009

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Linda Rogers <lindarog at gmail.com> wrote:

> Subscribe-o-matic is only free until you reach 500 members.  I've had 200+
> sign ups in the first month of use and I am worried about how many of my
> current 1160 ordinary inworld group members might decide that the subscribe
> list is more convenient for them.  If they all quit the group and use the
> subscribe-o-matic instead it will be inconvenient for my pocket book.
Plan Max Subscribers Messages Kiosks Price per month  Free 500 Unlimited
Unlimited Free! <http://www.subscribeomatic.com/pages/try>  Advanced 1000
Unlimited Unlimited L$1,990  Business 2500 Unlimited Unlimited L$2,990  *
Unlimited* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited L$5,990  Non-profit *** Unlimited
Unlimited Unlimited Free!

Are you a non-profit? :)

Daniel  / Bucky (SL)

Daniel Smith - Sonoma County, California
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