[SLED] Help needed re: response from LL on proposed research

Robert O'Brien robert.t.obrien at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 12:16:59 PDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a letter from LL. I need a letter
to accompany a submission to my university's IRB that meets the requirements
set by them for such letters. I am proposing a brief ethnographic project
for an undergraduate class. After several other attempts to reach someone,
George Linden replied on 9/14 to a notecard I sent him in-world. As per his
instructions, I submitted a support ticket on 9/14, to which George
responded on 9/21. The response was appreciated, but was not what I need for
the IRB. It was a form letter, addressed to my SL avatar, that said that LL
receives such requests, that in general research is allowed if it follows
the TOS and CS I resubmitted the support ticket on 9/22, explaining that I
needed something addressed to my RL name which specifically acknowledged
LL's awareness of and permission to conduct research (pursuant, of course,
to my class and I following the TOS, CS, and professional research ethics).
I have not received a response. I  have followed up with in-world notecards,
on 10/2, to Pathfinder Linden (during his office hours) and George Linden,
but have gotten no response.

I'm not sure if LL is overwhelmed and slow to respond, if they do not
provide such letters, or if any of you have had success in getting your own
IRBs to approve a research proposal addressed to an avatar name. Any
experience list members have with such requests would be greatly


Robert T. O'Brien (residing in SL as Ida Galtier)
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