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Well-spoken thoughts on the topic of social experiences.  I emphasize the
difference between being on-line at the fast food counter and making a trip
for a meal with friends to any chosen establishment.  The social experience
is diminished if members of your party are spirited away from your table,
(and your conversation) by Zealots from another eating establishment. This
is not what I am reading in Linda's post.  Has Linda lost her lunch buddy in
the middle of a meal or mid-conversation at the local diner?  No, she is
fearful of the change process that is natural and inevitable and wants to
thwart it by limiting free speech in the town square.


I can see Linda living in Salem, MA bemoaning the western expansion and some
Salem citizens leaving town.  I can see Linda and her friends going for tea
at Einstein's home and chastising him for his dilution of the numbers of
those who are ardent followers of Newton.


Today, many people commute freely back and forth from NYC to LA.  And, there
are science teachers who teach Newtonian Mechanics where applicable and
Relativity where required.  We live in an expanding world.  Yet some folks
come off as Luddites.  (No offense intended.  I am not inviting a flame war.
I simply find no better metaphor for this topic.  If there is a better, more
polite way to put it, please share it with me and I will adopt it


Enjoy you Virtual Life,

Ethos Erlanger



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<While I agree with the general discussion that it is very important and
appropriate to discuss the relationship between Second Life and other
Virtual Worlds here for many reasons that have been brought up, the sentence
snipped below jumped out at me.>

<No, I do not feel the the Big Mac will taste the same no matter how many
people are in line with me.  Eating, and more importantly, Second Life, are
social experiences enhanced by the broader community around it>

<No, the burgers in Second Life will not taste the same as more people move
to OpenSim based virtual worlds.  But it is important to learn from these



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Linda, your Big Mac will taste the same no matter how many people are in
line with you.  Why do you fret over those who are led away by the Pied
Piper of SLED?  The customers who leave are not your children, are they?


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