[SLED] Linden Lab announces educational pricing on SL Enterprise collaboration suite

Rik Panganiban rik at globalkids.org
Fri Nov 20 10:47:53 PST 2009

News from RezEd.org, the hub for virtual world learning:

In the RezEd podcast #44, we interview Linden Lab's Terrence Cummings,  
who gives an overview of the new Second Life Enterprise suite of  
collaboration tools.  He also announces that the educational discount  
for SL Enterprise,  which normally begins at US $55,000 and up, is  

In addition we talk with Jon Himoff, CEO of Rezzable about their  
"Heritage Key" virtual world, Rich White of Greenbush Educational  
Service Center, and Larry Rosenstock of High Tech HIgh!

Check out the entire conversation over at http://www.rezed.org/page/rezed-podcast-episode-44 


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