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Thursday, Nov 19 - An Evening @Virtually Speaking with Jimbo Hoyer -
Simulcast on BlogTalkRadio

4:30 pm SLT - Composer Astronimus Randt plays a mix of classical, jazz, new
age on electric violin & flute. He sings rock/pop and soul songs. A Music
Island Concert @ Virtually Speaking
6:00 pm SLT - Austin based journalist & campaign strategist Glenn W. Smith
sits down  with Jimbo Hoyer for another hour of Virtually Speaking.

Come be part of the studio audience. Can't be inworld? Listen to Blog Talk
Radio from http://virtuallyspeaking.ning.com/

Locale  -Virtually Speaking Amphitheater

4:30 pm SLT - A studio musician for many years, Astronimus will perform and
talk with us about a number of his own compositions.  He plays in Second
Life from his home recording studio & has also performed in musical theatre,
both on-stage and in the orchestra pit.

6:oo pm SLT - Glenn W. Smith is a founder and principal blogger on
DogCanyon.org: Politics, Opinion and Culture, for Texas and Beyond. The
author of The Politics of Deceit (2004) and Unfit Commander (2004), he's
actively involved with the Texas Progress Council, a progressive think tank
in Austin.


A journalist for the Houston Chronicle from 1979 to 1985 and the Houston
Post from 1985 to 1988, Glenn covered state and national political affairs
before leaving journalism to work for then-Texas Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby in
early 1988. He subsequently worked for the late U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen,
and managed Ann Richards' 1990 primary victory in her successful campaign
for Governor of Texas and was and a Senior Fellow at George Lakoff's
Rockridge Institute in Berkeley.

Throughout the 1990s Smith designed public affairs campaigns for a variety
of state and national clients. A managing director of Public Strategies,
Inc., he wrote and produced award-winning communications for broadcast and
direct mail, and designed communications strategies for business,
universities, activist groups, and progressive candidates.

He left Public Strategies in 2001 to devote his efforts to writing and
helping progressive causes around the country. In 2003 Smith managed
MoveOn.org's campaign against Tom DeLay's mid-decade congressional
redistricting. In 2004 he founded DriveDemocracy.org an online activist
organization that promotes citizen involvement in public affairs. That year
Smith also founded Texans for Truth, a 527 organization that promoted fair,
open elections and raised questions about George W. Bush's service in the
National Guard during the Vietnam War. In 2005 helped launch the Texas
Progress Council as part of an effort to rebuild progressive support

Glenn taught "religion and politics" at the Starr King School for the
Ministry in Berkeley, California. He sponsored and organized national events
with progressive religious leaders, including events challenging the Right
Wing's "Justice Sunday" rallies in 2005, a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther
King at Riverside Church in New York City, and "Freedom and Faith" bus tours
throughout the northeast and mid-west.

Coming up in 2009: (MIC = Music Island Concerts, begin at 4:30pm)

Nov 19- Glenn W. Smith - (MIC: Astronimus Randt, Jazz violin)

Nov 26- DARK

Dec 3 -Dec 3 - Lev Grossman (Book Editor, Time Magazine)

Dec 10 - Janine Benyus (BioMimicry Institute)
(MIC: Duo Appassionato - Four Seasons)

Dec 17 - Dean Baker (Economist) Co-Director Center for Economic and Policy

Dec 24 - DARK

Dec 31 - DARK
Virtually Speaking with Jimbo Hoyer (aka Jay Ackroyd) features live,
in-depth, intelligent conversations with opinion leaders before a virtual
studio audience. Programs are simulcast on Blog Talk Radio. CS Kappler is
the alternative show host. Widget Whiteberry dresses the set and promotes
Virtually Speaking on the net. Dorie Bernstein creates avatars. Dire Lobo
 manages sound. Lillie Yifu is developing the built environment. Kate
Miranda produces Music Island Concerts at Virtually Speaking.

Twice a month, Kate Miranda teams up with Virtually Speaking to present
Music Island Concerts @ Virtually Speaking. At these informal and intimate
events, professional musicians use the global language of music, setting the
stage for the contemplation of important issues of our time.

Bookem Streeter stocks the books at Jackson Street Books online <

Help us spread the word -
1. Follow the schedule and post pictures,  questions/comments to the forum

2. Join the Virtually Speaking group inworld and on FaceBook

3. Follow Jay on Twitter

4. Follow VirtuallySpeak to find and follow Twitter accounts for past and
scheduled guests.


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