[SLED] National Educational Technology Plan (NETP09) Forum Followup

Patricia F Anderson patriciafanderson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 21:47:35 PST 2009

Hi, folks,

There are still a lot of folk working on the followup to the National
Educational Technology Plan Public Forum that was held in Second Life
last Thursday.

Livestream video: <http://tinyurl.com/netp09>

Because the chatbridge went out a third of the way through the event,
we have been trying to gather chatlogs from the 4 sims in order to
piece together a complete chatlog. We have two chatlogs integrated.
Rather than wait several more days, I wanted to push this out to the
group. Hopefully some of you kept chatlogs that will fill in the gaps.

DRAFT Chatlog transcript:

If you have some of the missing content, could you please send me
either the chatlog or the missinglines complete with date and time


Barry Fishman of Obama's NETP team passed me a notecard to give out at
the Public Forum Thursday night, but I was juggling a gazillion things
and didn't see it until afterwards. I am sharing it now with all of
you. Anyone who wishes to respond to these questions is strongly
encouraged to do so at the NETP web site: <https://edtechfuture.org/>

** What is the NETP?

- Mandated by Congress, to be developed by the Dept. of Education
every five years
- This will be the 4th such plan
- It informs federal policy on technology, and thus could influence funding
- It serves as a "lighthouse" to states and districts

** The Opportunity

- The last 5 years have seen tremendous changes in technology
       - Second Life and other virtual environments
       - Web 2.0
       - Handhelds and smartphones

- Changes in the spaces/places/times where we learn

- In addition to "lifelong" learning, also thinking about "lifeWIDE" learning

- New administration is receptive to thinking about teaching and
learning in very different ways, with an eye cast towards the bottom
line: results

** Process

- A "technical working group" (TWG) of 18 experts

- Department provides framework, based on administration priorities

- TWG reviews literature, surveys field, solicits input, and writes the document

- GOAL: Submitted to DoE by end of 2009

** Five Focus Areas

- Enabling unprecedented access to high quality learning

- Measuring what really matters and informing continuous improvement

- Enhancing the teaching profession and empowering supporters of learning

- Deriving cost savings and productivity

- Growing a supportive IT infrastructure

** Your Input

Imagine you have 5 minutes with the President.  What would you tell
him we need to do a better job in education (remember this is a
technology plan).

Don't focus on tools or technologies.  Focus on goals (e.g., "All
students should have equal access to high quality materials.") and
then talk about how technology can help us reach that goal (e.g., "By
creating online materials, they can be continuously improved through
community input and accessed by students everywhere, *if* students and
teachers have sufficient net access.")

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