[SLED] Got my Wave! Let's play! Who on this list has a WAVE?

Guus brekelajp at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 12:29:18 PST 2009

i*ve got wave too, please add me: brekelajp @googlewave.com

2009/11/5, Fire <fire at b3dmultitech.com>:
> Hi everyone, - nice speed! I think, after requesting an invite from this
> list, I got my wave!  Gotta love the SLED list.
> Now that I have one however, I can only send WAVE's to other people who have
> WAVE accounts too...
> (Also, doesn't look like I got any invites along with my invitation either)
> If YOU have a wave account, please send me a "hello" to
> firecentaur at gmail.com!  Thanks!

Namro Orman (The orange dutch guy)
Second Life Medical Library 2.0
HealthInfo Island

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