[SLED] Cat Avatars!

Martin, Jocelyn martinj at apsu.edu
Wed May 27 07:01:06 PDT 2009

I use an avatar from Metamorphosis. It is available in various fur colors, from Siamese to orange tabby to solid black. There is also a Catwings version, for those of you who are fans of those books, and the wings flap as the cat flies. :)

My cat avi is named Sasha Magnifico- would not a cat choose to name herself Magnifico?- in honor of my Persian Sasha, who died unexpectedly in January. 
She trots through SL like a little anthropologist, making impertinent comments about the basic inferiority of humans when compared to cats, and firmly stating, 'No-no! Do Not Want!' to undesirables such as dogs and bodies of water. :)


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--- On Tue, 5/26/09, Martin, Jocelyn <martinj at apsu.edu> wrote:
 For example, I've gone into ... and my cat avi. 
> as a cat, I was virtually invisible. 
an tomcat took a picture of himself and my cat
> avatar, and gave it to me. <G> 
> Jocelyn

Could you please, for the benefit of those of us who admire
(and WORSHIP) the divine feline fur-persons,
give us some hints as to where to obtain cat avatars
and any recommendations you could share concerning sources and uses?

Thank you for your kind attention,
Jonathan Greenlee

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