[SLED] Nobody ever tells me anything.

S Collingwood collingwood.7 at osu.edu
Tue May 26 14:53:42 PDT 2009

As I teach distance, I see a real use for this, 
as long as it's kept inexpensive.

I have a high ratio of technophobes in my 
classes, but they all love the phone.  At 
orientation, I can give this number out for 
people who are worried about logging on, or who 
need to work out tech problems -- I think it 
might be just the thing to get them to put their 
little digital toes in the water.  The problem 
with Skype is that it is ANOTHER programme for 
them to master.

But then, I am always overly optimistic.

I can hear my kids now:  "Mum's been buying magic beans again."

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>Now you get to speak to people on the phone in 
>SL... Personally I can't see the utility of 
>this, but it may be my lack of imagination. It's 
>a sort of poor person's Skype In or Out or 
>Something. People call the nearest real number 
>to you (and that's going to cost them) and you 
>receive the call in SL. So, ok, maybe there are 
>still people without Net connections, but surely 
>those who do will simply hook up for free, with 
>both using Skype? And will it lag? Who knows... 
>I'll stick with Skype and that old-fashioned 
>thing they call the telephone for a while, I 
>From: Marrapodi, Elisabeth)
>Subject: Re: [SLED] Nobody ever tells me anything.
>Ok I got mine too Šnow what?
>From: S Collingwood
>Subject: [SLED] Nobody ever tells me anything.
>Avaline?  What's up with that?
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