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John Jamison john at imagilearning.com
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I appreciated the post that stated: "I was having lunch with a friend of
mine yesterday who is a social media
expert and she told me that the main use of SL is for sexual exploration." I
appreciated it because it is probably the fifth time I have heard that
comment in the past week, as I've met with new groups asking about SL.

Others have responded very well....but I would add one thing from my 5 years
of experience in SL, my PhD earned through research in SL, and my work with
thousands of new & old SL-itizens.

In my experience, ANY statement that begins with "The main thing about
SL....", is being made by someone who doesn't really know the platform.
Those who have been around and come to learn about SL realize that this
platform is made up of as diverse experiences and activities as the
carbon-based world. There is no one "main thing".

But those outside the platform, and many of those new to the platform, are
looking for ways to define it so it makes sense and fits within their
perceptions and practices. Sorry, that doesn't work. This thing is still
only six  years old, and we have a long way to go towards 'defining' it...if
that is ever possible.

So Brian, thanks for the post. My response to those saying "The main thing
about SL is...", is to as them what the "main thing" is about Chicago....or
about South America, or planet earth. There are many 'things' here, all
existing on a platform that let's us pretty much create what we want to

I spend my time in the areas that I prefer to be in....doing the work I
prefer to be doing...associating with the people I prefer to be associating

And I think that's pretty darn cool.


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