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Susan Starr SStarr at dcccd.edu
Fri May 15 09:57:43 PDT 2009

Educause has some great articles and information about SL. In particular I like this short article, 7 Things You Should Know About Second Life.
Also they have a wealth of information, that you may have already seen but can be found here:
I hope that helps!
Susan Starr
Eastfield College Library

>>> "k. zenovka" <k.zenovka at yahoo.com> 5/15/2009 12:34 AM >>>
Hello Everyone,
I can strategically add 1 or 2 articles, handouts, etc. on SL in a packet at our in-house teaching with technology conference for our community college instructors next week. It will be mixed in with about 10 other pieces to include a contact list, schedule - the normal things you see in RL conference packets.  If you had to pick 1 or 2 print pieces what would they be?  Thanks for any input.
K. Zenovka

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