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Hya Fire... may I have time (zone) and place for the meeting please?

Ty sooo much

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  Hello Dirk,

  My name is Paul Preibisch, Fire Centaur in Second Life.  I am a research assistant for the SLOODLE project.   Tomorrow I will be hosting a SLOODLE 101 class at SLOODLE island which will demonstrate how you can connect a MOODLE Learning Management System to Second Life.  You are more than welcome to attend.

  the Agenda is:

  1) Round table introductions ( 10 minutes)
  2) Basic LMS/MOODLE/SLOODLE terms defined (10 minutes)
  3) Demonstration of SLOODLE
  4) Installation help Q & A

  For more information, please visit http://sloodle.org


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          Fire Centaur in Second Life

  On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 5:29 PM, Dirk Davis <mail at dirkdavis.net> wrote:

    Hello All
    My name is Dirk Davis and I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at California Baptist University. We have recently purchased an island, built a virtual campus, and hope to pilot online courses in SL this summer. I have found the list topics interesting and hope to be able to add to the conversation at some point. Would welcome any feedback regarding the new campus, so for a look please see Lancer Land, or for a tour please contact Professor Radikal through IMs. 
    (Professor Radikal)

    Dirk Davis, M.A. | Assistant Professor of Education | California Baptist University | 8432 Magnolia Avenue | Riverside, CA 92504 | Tel - 951.343.4678 | Fax - 951.343.4553 | Office - Yeager Center B235 | Email - ddavis at calbaptist.edu  | Web - http://www.dirkdavis.net | Email - mail at dirkdavis.net | Cell - 951.333.9879 | Skype - dirkdavis | Second Life - Professor Radikal

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