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The Theorist Project is an good example (IMHO) of a group "build" that
worked.  The structures were provided but the students, in groups of their
own, had to furnish 3 of the theorist "stores".  In order for us to be able
to make changes down the road (read: long after the students were out of
class) or to help make sure something was "on" the floor or "against" the
wall, everyone was told to make sure they have the group for the class
active when they created or rezzed objects and also to share the object with
the group.
Did we have any set backs, at first, sure, but not long into it mostly
everyone was on the same page.

Here is the SLURL to The Theorist Project.  Please keep in mind that this is
not only an information exhibit, its a working classroom - so we are
regularly changing things and some stuff is under construction.  So, pardon
our dust.  :-)



On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 4:44 PM, Michael Cahalane <mrcahalane at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi everyone, I am conducting research on collaborative production of goods
> in Second Llife. I am actively looking for peoples insights and experience
> working with others in world, (in groups, or with friends) co-creating
> something -be it a sculpt, an object, a building, a region etc. My interest
> in this type of collaboration focuses on the tools, rules and division of
> labour as well as residents opinions on such activities. One major example
> in my opinion is the studio wikitecture group. Another example is
> staff/students building together to make a virtual campus for their
> school/university, to more everyday examples of people building a house
> together in-world. If you have something to contribute, I want to hear about
> it.:-)
> --
> To find out more about my study, please contact me in-world.
> Thanks,
> Cahalane Zepp
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