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Hey gang, I figured I'd include the advice below I sent to Liz, as
I've seen many questions over the years about debugging Quicktime
problems. I've found these solutions listed below to fix most (but not
all) problems I've encountered.


-Tim / FlipperPA

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The best next test you can do is this.

Go to ABOUT LAND, and the media tab. You can get into ABOUT LAND by
double clicking the region name in the top bar (next to HELP).

You'll see an area for URL selection - select the video/media URL.
Copy it by hitting control+C.

Then open Quicktime. Go to File, Open URL, and paste the URL in.
Something has to be able to play in Quicktime to play in-world, and
I'm guessing you need some sort of codec for one of the streams if the
others are playing just fine.

Try pasting and opening the URL in Quicktime under Vista that won't
play - it may say, "Quicktime needs additional components", which it
will then download from the Apple web site (SL wouldn't do that).
After that is done, it should work in world.

Give it a whirl, and let me know if that helps!



On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 4:57 PM, liz thackray <liz at lizit.com> wrote:
> Thanks Tim.
> I have updated the nvidia drivers from the website and installed the most
> up-to-date version of Quicktime
> What makes this all the more intriguing is we have video running on two
> plots (land perms set correctly I think as everything works with XP).  One
> of the plots I cannot access the video at all with the Vista machine.  The
> other plot has a choice of 3 videos.  I cannot access 2 of these, but the
> third, which is hosted on a university server, I can access.  I am accessing
> from home so my machine security is the same in all cases.
> I am feeling a bit stumped.  I would like to solve it for the students - and
> also so I know my own machines work when necessary (the Vista PC is a laptop
> I bought specifically to use for SL)
> Any suggestions on what else to check would be appreciated.  I am an Estate
> manager for all the plots, so can tweak more or less anything.
> Cheers
> Liz
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> A few things to try:
> (1) Make sure both machines are running the latest version of
> Quicktime. There are security flaws in older version of Quicktime, and
> if the version isn't high enough, LL won't allow playback to occur for
> security reasons.
> (2) Make sure that video playback is enabled / checked in preferences
> in the same fashion on both machines.
> If that doesn't work, feel free to email me off list and I'll go
> through a more detailed diagnosis. Video is far from smooth and
> reliable in SL. :)
> Regards,
> -Tim
> On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 3:42 PM, liz thackray <liz at lizit.com> wrote:
>> Just wondering if anybody has a quick fix for this. On our island we have
> a
>> couple of media players.  On my WXP with ATI graphics card I can see the
>> content without problems.  With my Vista with nvidia graphics at best I
> get
>> a black screen.  Both computers have Quick Time installed.  The problem
> was
>> initially brought to my attention by students with Vista machines.  The
>> media seems problem free on Macs.
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