[SLED] Education and the Expanding Metaverse

Boehler, Ted tboehler at coastline.edu
Wed Mar 4 15:55:11 PST 2009

Though not complete yet- we are working on a transect line (underwater
habitat sampling project) comparison on our (soon to be opened to our
students) second life ISL for Coastline Community College. We will use
it in Marine Science and Statistics classes as an extra credit activity.
As a former marine scientist, it will be adequately accurate for class
purposes-very much like what I used to do when doing biomass and
pollution comparisons between to sampling areas along an underwater
pipeline off LA or other areas.


Dr. Ted Boehler

Coastline College


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I'm Muxe Magic and doing research on the evolution of online education
around the
metaverse for a mechinima TV show called Life Online.

After the screening event on Spacejunky island in Second Life, I had a
chat with the producer about the amazing things going on with education
and he wants to share that on the program and on the website.
I am having no trouble finding content to cover in Second Life, but I am
looking for virtual campuses and project of all sorts on grids such as
OpenLife, OpenSim, 3rd Rock, Avatar Hangout, etc.  Being that this
program is about the metaverse at large, that's what we would like to
present to the audience.  

The program is in English, but we would like to show what's happening
all over the world international studies, projects, etc.  It would also
be great to include a wide range of subject matter.  Has anyone created
an underwater world ala Jacques Cousteau?  Do you have something
interesting going on in meteorology showing virtual storms?  Perhaps
your agricultural / ecology studies have some kind of simulation project
about the effects of global warming.  How about art and music history,
culture and spirituality?  Do you know of some grids that has some great
building tutorials for particles, clothing, skins, scripting, etc?

Please email me, or drop me a card in my post box on the Dradis
University sim on OS Grid.


Muxe Magic

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